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I said brr it’s cold in here

So winter term has officially begun! And it is actually starting to get cold out. Gosh darn it…

This term I’m taking: French 331 (Intro to Lit), LSFY 102 (Hades to Hell), Africana Studies 101, and Psych 100. So far I really like all of my classes and all of my teachers so I’m super psyched for this term! The only not so great thing is that my Africana Studies class is an 8:30. Boooooo. Every Tuesday and Thursday I now have to actually wake up and get moving in a timely manner, which I do not appreciate. I literally wake up and think “no. I’m never leaving my bed.” However, this is a lie because I have somehow managed to get to class on time every day. Other than that, this term has been pretty good so far. I was pretty scared for a whole 4 classes, but I’m (obviously) surviving. Nothing else that interesting has happened to me so I’ll stop writing now.

Later gators!

Jess <3

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