A window inside life at Augustana College

Those Late Nights

Location: Anywhere

I think my favorite nights are those ones where you look at your friends, all of you unsettled and bored, until one person finally asks what you all have been thinking:

“You want to go somewhere?”

Suddenly, it’s like the apocalypse broke out and everyone is desperately planning their escape route. It’s a complicated matter and one that needs to be addressed with trepidation because, honestly, who wants to go somewhere lame? You also, however, don’t want to go to a place that ends up burning a hole in your pocket – leaving you poor and bored for the next several weeks until you can get your next bit of cash. On the way back to Augustana College, such a plan was put into action.

Our solution to start the trimester off with a bang?

Steak and Shake, of course.

It just seemed so perfect: decently cheap food in a sit-down place. It wasn’t anything exotic, and truthfully, we didn’t even stay very long, but it was just that moment of relaxation, where you get that zen-like bubble. You don’t care that you have class tomorrow and stuff to do because honestly if you were, why even go out and leave your room in utter chaos to, uh, well, eventually clean up (because I guess you can’t go sifting through your clean laundry forever)? I remembered, in a moment of pure epiphany-induced thought, that being with friends is probably the most therapeutic thing one can do.

So next time you feel those do-nothing blues, or when your homework seems a mile high, or maybe you want to practice that perfect zombie survival route, I suggest just getting in a car and going somewhere – anywhere – because isn’t their some saying about how half  the fun is getting there (the answer is yes, you silly people, you)?

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