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It’s been a while..

I’ve completely neglected this blog lately and I’m sorry for that 🙂

I hope you all had an outstanding break! I’d like to discuss the pros and cons of the lovely Fall Break Augie bestows upon us for a second…


  • A full week of being able to do whatever you want. Of course, some people work or had other commitments but from what I heard a lot of kids spent their break just relaxing and visiting with friends.
  • You get to go home. For a lot of people this was the first time since we started school. While not everyone wanted to go home, most kids did and it was nice being able to visit people and such.
  • Sleep.
  • More Sleep.
  • No gross CC/Westie food. Personally, my mom felt bad that all I usually eat here is either a salad and sandwich or chicken tenders and made me dinner almost every night. It was nice.
  • Oh yeah, sleep.
  • aka Mental Health Week. This was needed for many. I, fortunately, didn’t have many late nights due to homework..mostly just staying up hanging out with the awesome girls on my floor.
Lets move on to the cons..yes, there are some…weird huh?
  • You completely wreck any sort of schedule that you had. I mean, ruin. I went from going to bed at around 1 a.m. every night during the week to staying up until 5 a.m…or 6. Better yet, staying up that late watching movies and tv. Productive, huh?
  • No other schools have break at this time. So that means trying to fill your time doing something remotely interesting with the few people left at home. For me this really wasn’t a lot of people, at all…well, like…two.
  • Shock of coming back and having to do something besides lounge around the house and watch tv (or something equally as unproductive).
Overall break was really good. I mean the fact that I absolutely couldn’t fall asleep until 5am last night (I had a 10am class this morning. Not too exciting.) was a disaster but the time home did me well and being back feels great. I missed living with my friends. Going back home after being here for a term made being home so, so boring.
Besides the fact that I’m exhausted, the first day back was great. I’m not looking forward to my very busy schedule this term, however. On top of my four classes I have a job now (yayyy!). Not sure how its all going to work out but I’ll manage, even if I have to pull a few all nighters 🙂

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