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Is it possible to grow tired of sleeping?

Um, perhaps?

Since starting my fall break Monday of finals week (because I’m the bomb dig and got done early) I’ve been sleeping in. At first, it was strictly involuntarily and my mom was rather peeved. As a result, I helped her out around the house in the morning, taking short naps when she wasn’t paying attention. A week into my break, she started leaving in the morning, allowing me to sleep in as late as I durn well please (for SHAME, LESLIE >_<). A couple days of this pass and it seems as though I’ve been forcing myself to sleep in later and later now.



  • my brother (the closest person to a best friend at the moment) goes to school in Chicago and he isn’t in a hurry to get home.
  • my mom, dad, and brother, when he doesn’t have school, work.
  • most of my closest friends are either still away at school (and not on trimesters) or out of state.
  • the friends who are still in the area either work or go to school (both high school and college, just locally) and aren’t free until the evening.
  • watching tv and movies all day makes me feel like a bum.
  • Facebook makes me annoy myself.
  • if not Facebook, I’ll try online shopping and I refuse to let Amazon take any more of my money if not for books or gifts to loved ones.
  • I hate talking on the phone. This is why.
  • all I seem to have been eating is candy and sleeping keeps me from doing so.
  • it’s better than doing drugs or buying and selling them to children for a profit.
  • venturing to the moon is virtually improbable.
  • my plushy panda loves me more than any one person while in my sleepy state of mind.
  • if I get up, I may have to clean my family’s perpetual mess (one of the responsibilities I managed to escape by going to college).
  • some days, existing alone is such a chore..
  • going anywhere interesting requires driving (gas money: another burden left behind by going to college..)
  • it seems the only acceptable alternative to interacting with people is reading and that only does so much ._.
  • I doubt any nearby Augie friends are itching to see me before they have to once break is over.
This is the first time in MONTHS I have next to NOTHING to worry about…and I can’t find stuff to fill up my time. Maybe I’ll go for a bike ride tomorrow morning.. Yeah.. or read some more.. or make smoothies.. or write stuff.. at least until the evening.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

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