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Hydroecology Immersion Term

I just got done with my very first immersion term and it was freaking awesome. During my class experience, we went to the river many times and did other amazing things. I did my very first research project with my class. Our research project was proposed by the Fish and Wildlife Services. The research project was to go out to the Mississippi River on a island next to the I-74 bridge in Moline. We were taking a survey on mussels, which are marvelous creatures that help a ecosystem greatly, to see the density in that area. We were also searching for rare and endangered species. My class and some of the people who work at the Fish and Wildlife Services did the survey because the city wants to move the entrance of the I-74 bridge and the only way to do that is get a survey to see if the bridge will destroy a habitat. After the research portion was done, we found so many mussels it was unbelievable. We did find one endangered or federally listed specie which was the Sheepnose mussel. So with finding this, the Fish and Wildlife service might have to do another survey to see if there are anymore endangered or federally listed species. Also for this class, I had to do my own GIS project and a group project with other students in my class. I will talk about that in my next blog entry :). So stay tuned for the next one and if you ever get to take a immersion term I highly recommend it.

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