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Random Observations on Finals Week

So there are probably a lot of people stressing about finals week right now. I’m not one of them. For me, my first week of finals in college has probably been my most relaxing and boring. I’m not the kind of person who has to study for hours and hours. So honestly, I just don’t have a ton to do.

My schedule for this week:

Monday-Foundations paper due by noon, Acting final from noon-2 pm.

Tuesday-Foundations final from 9-11 am.

Wednesday-Nothing! Well, I do have to study for my French final on Thursday, write a three-page paper and make my portfolio.

Thursday-French final from noon-2 pm, leave for home (yay!)

So for me, finals week has been about filling time. All activities and events and things are cancelled, so if you’re not studying or sleeping, there’s not much else to do. So, seven ways to fill time:

1. Read The Hobbit. I’d never read Tolkien before (yes, shame on me for being a nerd and not having read Tolkien), so I borrowed The Hobbit from the library last week and finished it today. Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can get The Fellowship of the Ring.

2. Listen to Shurtugal.com‘s Inheritance Cycle podcast. For all you Inheritance Cycle fans out there (the Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr series for those who don’t know it by its proper name), Shurtugal.com is pretty much the only Inheritance fansite out there. And for the last twenty weeks leading up to the fourth book’s release, they’ve been doing a really cool podcast, basically reading and discussing the first three books. And, in each episode, they give out  sweepstakes word. At the end of the twenty weeks, you type in the words on the website and are entered in a sweepstakes. The grand prize? A Skype call with Christopher Paolini himself! So you might want to start listening…

3. Waste time online. This doesn’t really need explanation since most people are adept at this anyway.

4. Take walks. My roommate has been the one doing this, not me. The weather was beautiful today, so walking around outside to enjoy the last of the good weather is a pretty great idea. The campus is so quiet because everyone is studying that it’s peaceful to just wander around. Gives you some exercise too.

5. Watch TV shows online. I guarantee that this is an even better way to fill time than you might think because of Augustana’s wonderful internet connection. A show that was supposed to be 86:50 took me two and a half hours to watch yesterday because I kept having to pause to let it buffer. Well, at least I filled more time.

6. Do laundry. Tomorrow, the plan is to change and wash my sheets. This might not seem like a big deal, but changing my sheets is quite an athletic process because my bed is lofted and pushed up against the wall. I have to climb and stretch and contort in order to actually get all the sheets right.

7. Study. I don’t want you running away with the notion that I literally don’t have anything to do. I did study last night for my Foundations final. And tomorrow, I am going to be in the library doing my three-page paper and portfolio for French and studying in my room.

Bottom line: I just seem to have more free time during finals than I actually do during school. Sue me.

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