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You know it’s week 10 when…

For this week I have some observations about week 10 (the last weeks of classes when there are papers, projects and exams left and right).

You know it’s week 10 when…

The wireless is super slow in the library because the place is packed,

You can’t find sit at your regular spot in the library because some kid who is never there took it,

People stay in the library until 2am,

Everyone walks around like zombies because of lack of sleep,

Taking it one day at a time is a must,

Facebook becomes even more distracting,

Caffeine is esssential,

You are frustrated that going to the bathroom takes up time, 

You lack of motivation to keep working,

And you count down the days to Fall Break! Only 3 more to go!!!

Don’t worry, the stress passes soon enough and then you have a week and a half to do absolutely nothing:)

The song of the weeks is Somebody To Love from Glee!


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