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Homecoming Festivities!!

Hey everyone!

So this past couple of weeks have been crazy!! Last weekend was awesome though and totally worth it. It was homecoming weekend! I was a pledge for APO and we competed in Yell. Thursday was the performance. It was a lot of work before the performance but totally worth it in the end. While we were performing it was really great to hear people cheering you on. Then Friday brought Sing, which I was also in. Sing is a competition of the greek groups on campus singing to lyrics about Augustana. APO’s theme was Lion King. It turned out really well. Even though we did not win, it was the satisfaction that we successfully made it through the performance. On Saturday, I participated in the cardboard regatta for APO. When me and my ship mate brought our boat to the line-up, we quickly realized that we were going to lose. Our boat was basically a cardboard box with some duck tape on it. Everyone else’s boat looked like a boat. We knew this was not going to be good. Although we had our war paint on, our faces still showed the fear of sinking. We were called within the first three groups. We had to face the physics club…. They made us put our boat in the water first because they were missing a person. As soon as we both got in and we waited for about two minutes for the Physics club to put their boat in, our boat was already water logged. We soon fell over, into the slough….I really do not think anyone really understood how cold the water was. It was freezing, but we were not going to give up yet. I tried getting into the boat again and it sank once again. We were a wet crew. Me and my shipmate decided to give up and watched the physics club attempt to make it to the finish. I walked back to Andreen soaking and freezing. I walked right to the shower, threw my clothes in the wash and went off to play in pep band. Such fun. I know I will never forget my first homecoming at Augie, and now I can cross going in the slough off of my bucket list!

Singing off,


P.S.- Here is a video from the weekend!

Sing Performance


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