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My Worst Enemy

I recently met my worst enemy–Week 10.

Week 10 is just like any other week at most colleges; however, at Augie, it is the week that completely engulfs your social life and free time.  For those of you who don’t attend Augie, we’re on the trimester system–10 week terms separated by breaks of roughly a couple weeks.  Week 10 in 10-week terms only means one thing–hell.

Hell consists of the usual homework plus multiple research papers, a couple short reflection essays, a group project, final rehearsals for a concert, work, applying for a small second campus job, an insanely long study guide for a final exam, completing mountains of recruitment and fundraising work for HOBY (a leadership organization I’m a staff member for and the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, just ask about it if you’re curious!,) writing and presenting a presentation, and a completely jam-packed weekend… oh, and fitting in a weekly blog.

Get bored and confused reading all of that?  Now thinking about having to do all of that.  It’s safe to say I have a trip to Olive Garden planned with my roommate and suitemates when Week 10/Finals Week hell is overwith and fall break is in sight.

As much as I absolutely despise Week 10, it makes me appreciate the simpler things in life.  Sitting down and discovering music.  Receiving a surprise package of randomness from a good friend.  Stuffing my face with fattening food.  Getting my butt kicked in Just Dance (yes, I admit this did happen more than it should have.)  Just walking across campus in the beautiful fall weather.  And maybe, just maybe, going to bed earlier than normal tonight.

One thing I’ve definitely learned is to take on things as they come at you–don’t look at the big picture.  Looking at the big picture has led me to freak out and, to be quite honest, break down a time or two.

However, I am determined to conquer everything the next week-and-a-half has in store, even though I am longing for next Thursday–the day that fall break comes into sight.

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