A window inside life at Augustana College

My Home Away From My Home Away From Home

Is the library.

I spend so much time in the library I’m considering getting my mail sent there. Well not really.

But I do hang out there almost all the time. Not because I’m a nerd (even though I am and there is nothing wrong with it) but because it’s week 10 and finals start next week and I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!

The library is simply the place where I can best focus and work on my homework. I tried other places to study, but the library works best for me.

So until midnight everyday, the library becomes my home. It’s comfortable enough, but not too comfortable to the point I start dozing off (although I did nap there once). It has all the necessities: coffee, books, coffee, computers, coffee, helpful librarians, coffee, and coffee. And you can feel the studious energy in the air (and at this point in the term, you can also feel the desperation).

In conclusion, I love the library (and coffee)!

My typical studying set-up.

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