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Week 9 1/2?: a (sorta) structured stream of thought

I have a tendency to just write things using stream of consciousness, eventually linking everything to make sense of it all. That is not the case here.

  • I’ve slept too much, yet not enough and not in my own bed. The sawing of logs keeps me up at night.
  • My parents decided to surprise me with a visit today. A couple of spectators applauded our reunion, we accidentally explored the Quad Cities and ended up at IHOP. I now have a lonely sausage link in my bag wrapped in a napkin.
  • Lately, all I want is to wake up to Las Mananitas, which my mom normally plays on the stereo at home to wake us up on our birthdays. Her laugh is strangely similar to Elmo’s.
  • Sometimes when I don’t speak for a long period of time, I forget how to and even drool a bit.
  • The best nights don’t end in sleep, but just fade into morning.
  • My only private area is my bed, and I get pretty territorial.
  • I’ve gradually become ok with not being on ‘best friend status’ with my roommates.
  • My own light tiptoe reveals how I don’t want to be too much of a bother. Loud, boisterous footsteps don’t care much.
  • Bob Dylan and Café Tacvba need to hold larger roles in my life than they already do. These 2 links are examples why.
  • Seeing people at their worst is when I think of them as beautiful.
  • Skipping out on sleep is like a pad of sticky notes: I think I have more than enough, but because I haven’t been keeping track I don’t find out I desperately need more until I’ve already ran out.

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