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Homecoming Week: Augie Style

Yesterday wrapped up the last activities of Homecoming 2011.  I love Homecoming week at Augie.  There is always so much to do and it’s really nice to see all of the alumni come back (that will be me in 2 years!).  Augustana is such a tight-knit community and you can really see that during homecoming.

Here are the activities that occured during the week:

Tuesday: Kickoff Bonfire

Wednesday: Talent Show

Thursday: Rope Pull and Yell

Friday: Coronation and Sing

Saturday: Cardboard Boat Regatta, Homecoming Game, and new this year, the Gala at Jumer’s Casino.

I went to coronation and sing on Friday.  It’s always a super fun way to end the week by hearing the greek groups add Augustana lyrics to popular songs.  Congratulations to the ladies of Phi Rho and the men of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia!

 My parents came Saturday and we went to the cardboard boat races.  These take place in the slough and the goal is to make it to the finish line.  Many boats don’t make it that far because they either a.) capsize or b.) sink.  Clubs and greek groups on campus make boats completley out of cardboard and duck tape and two people ride in the boat.

 As you can tell from the picture, these groups didn’t do so well.  To make the swim in the slough even more unpleasant, there was a lot of green algae.  I helped build the Circle K boat but sadly, they didn’t make it very far. 

After the boat races we headed to the bookstore to check out all of the Augie gear! 

Next was the homecoming football game against the North Park Vikings (yes, they’re the Vikings too!).

It was a lot of fun and we won 27-24!!!  This was only the 2nd Augie football game I’ve been to the entire 2 years and 2 months I’ve been here.  Lame, I know.  But hey, at least I’ve been to 2!

After the game we headed out to dinner at Los Agaves for some delicious mexican food 🙂  Then we went home (I’ve from Rock Island so “home” is only a few minutes away!) so I could grab some things I needed. 

On the way back to campus we drove by Old Main and the dome was lit!  It looked beautiful!  The dome has never been lit and the Class of 2001 made this possible.  Here is a video of the lighting ceremony…it’s pretty neat so check it out: http://www.augustana.edu/x37848.xml  I love this campus so much, especially during the fall when all of the trees are changing colors.

 Old Main is one of my favorite buildings on campus.  It was built between 1882-1889 and was modeled after a building at the Uppsala University in Sweden (Augie is Swedish so this is only fitting).

 Well, tomorrow starts the madness of week 10 which means next week is finals!!  Ahhhhh so crazy!!  This term has flown by.  I’m in the middle of writing an 8-10 page final paper for my learning community and studying for a quiz on Wednesday.

 Happy Fall everyone!


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