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Homecoming 2011!

What I learned this week: As much as loved homecoming in high school, homecoming in college is better!

Last night was coronation and Sing, and it was so much fun! I loved watching everyone’s routines and was so impressed by everyone’s creativity and dedication! I had a great time performing on stage with APO too. Even though we were the third group to do a Lion King theme, each group’s was different so it turned out to be fine. 

This morning I sat at our crew table at the Homecoming Festival. It was great to see all the students, staff and alumni come out. It felt very homey, which probably has to do with our small size, but I liked it:) And of course the cardboard regatta in the slough. I didn’t get to watch any of it, but it was funny to see people walk back soaking wet with green algae all over them. And we won the football game! Which is quite a feat because we haven’t done so well this year…

I’m just chillin’ the rest of the weekend and doing homework, because this week is week 10 aka last week of classes! Goodness sakes! Where did the term go? See you later!

Song of the week: Circle of Life dedicated to APO’s sing performance!

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