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Goodbye Labels, Hello Me

As stressful as registration hell currently is for me, I do realize that there are a few things that I will never stop loving about college.  The main one being the one I’ve been excited for since high school.

I am exactly who I want to be here. Coming to Augie gave me a fresh start–no preconceived notions, no labels, no possible rumors shaping peoples’ thoughts of me.  In high school, I guess you could say I didn’t have a set label, but being around the same people since the days of cootie tag at recess and trading Pokemon cards at lunch didn’t really give me an opportunity to be seen in a different light to those around me.  (See that picture?  Yeah, that’s my entire graduating class.)  To my former classmates, I was always the smart, well-rounded, music-obsessed girl who just couldn’t say “no”–I was involved in everything, and I practically ran the school.

From the very first day at Augie, I learned that first impressions are crucial–take my lovely friend Chris for example.  Any confused fellow freshmen reading this blog may know who I’m talking about better if I told you to picture a man giving birth to a “beautiful baby girl” named Kim while wearing a princess hat–yes, my friend Chris is “the princess” from the hypnotist show.

And as for me, those who don’t know me well here probably still know me as the girl who helped develop the “creep method” of finding out your roommate via the class Facebook group, but I still feel confident that here at Augie, I may not be a new person, but I definitely feel as if I can be accurately portrayed as who I want to be merely through what I become involved in and how I act–who I am overall.

Being here for not even a full term, I don’t have a “label.”  I don’t have a set group I’m expected to be around constantly.  I’m not confined to only associating with certain type of people, and that’s the thing I love about college.  Through things such as my peer group, my Emerge group, classes, and even the floor that I live on, I’ve talked to and made friends with people I probably would have never imagined myself doing so with before.

Coming from a high school of only 200 students total, Augie is absolutely huge to me, and even if you’re reading this and thinking “Augie is not huge,” you have to admit that there is so much diversity on this campus.  You can be friends with so many types of people and unconsciously learn so much from being around them, and as cheesy as it sounds, I absolutely adore it.

Here at Augie, I’m not a teacher’s pet.  I’m not a band geek.  I’m not an overachiever.  I’m just me, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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