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Happy Birthday!

Ohh noo! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a few days, more like eleven to be specific, but whatever, its been a while.

And it was my birthday two days ago! I’m no longer a teen and I’m twenty. I feel old!  Birthday’s here at school are way different from those at home.  I went home for the weekend and spent it with my family.  It was really great and had a great time.  Video games with my brother, arguments (all in good fun) with my sister, and just relaxing with my mom.  It was awesome.

However, I came back Sunday and it left me feeling a bit sad.  This is the second birthday I have had to spend away from my family, and although I do see them the week before, it still sucks to not see them on the day.  I remember growing up and at 12 (if I was sleeping) I would get woken up and jumped on and it would be very loud, this year, like last year, it was a very quite birthday.

Also I had a test on my birthday.  Not just any test, freaking Organic Chemistry test! Ugh! I hate this class with a passion, lab hates me! But more on that later.  So when I say it was quite on my birthday, I mean that literally haha!  I got a hat (I love winter hats) from my friends as well as a key chain!  And then money…in which I used to purchase two video games and a dvd, I’m lame, so what?  Other than that I played video games (Call of Duty: Black Ops) and killed zombies for a few hours before I began doing some homework.  Afterwards I had oreos and milk, we went all out this year! =P

Needless to say even though it was a pretty chill birthday, as was last years in which I slept and took pictures on my laptop camera, you know the funny ones? I had  a great time.

Now, as an extension of my last post in which I quote what my Professor said in Organic, I will be explaining what he said today to the best of my knowledge, it was a much larger quote than the previous ones. In class today we were talking about reactivity and things that affect reactivity in chemical reactions. My Professor loves using analogies, and this one was no exception. So he needed to come up with an analogy to better explain the concept, and I will attempt to quote him, but this isn’t verbatim. He didn’t want to say it because it was improper, but he found a way around it (and we told him to go for it anyway).

“I’m going to warn you guys now, my brain and my mouth currently have no filter, I’m running on very few hours of sleep.  So I grew up with a pond behind my house and every year, the frogs would need to mate.  So, most male frogs are large and big and they are bulky, so think of these frogs as bulky molecules, you know they are bigger, fatter and in order to mate, its preferred that the females would be skinny and fit and much more…athletic.  Okay, so I’m replacing humans with frogs, and I know frogs do not penetrate in order to mate, but for this example they will, I want to maintain some dignity.  Also, don’t go telling anyone I told you guys frogs penetrate, cause I’m very aware they do NOT.  Anyway, if you have a bulky male frog, its optimal to have a smaller, thinner female so that…when the, uhh, how do I say this, when the male, okay, so when the male penetrates, its able to easily.. impregnant the female. So going back to bulky molecules, if you have a fatter molecules, its better if the other molecule is not bulky because then it can more easily react.  And I’m not kidding, molecules have to penetrate one another.  Well their electron orbitals anyway.”

Long story short, he basically talked about mating frogs and somehow it relates to fat molecules and skinny molecules reacting.

My Professor has to be the best one ever!

Oh and back to lab, which has defeated me YET AGAIN!  I redid the same experiment NINE TIMES.  And I redid another one THREE TIMES.  Do you know how insane that is? Eventually my instructor told me I might as well quit and he will supply me with some samples to test.  I swear I was ready to drop out of school.  Not really, but it was frustrating. Haha.

So this post wasn’t so much about my birthday as really just everything in general…again, I’m so easily distracted! Oh well, until we meet again! Farewell!!


Any errors, I blame my brain, its Week 9 guys, come on now!

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