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Winter Term Classes :)

One thing I truly love about Augustana is the Liberal Arts aspect of it.

Registering for winter term just got over with. Determining what 4 classes I wanted to pick was not easy!! There are just so many amazing classes to choose from. But I love the fact that I am faced with this problem. Augie requires students to complete all 6 perspectives before graduation. As a freshman, when choosing classes, these perspectives were my main focus.

1. One of my 4 classes had to be LSFY (Liberal Studies First-Year). This term I am taking From Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf:  Hunting the Elusive Self.   I am excited about this class because it seems to have some pretty epic texts that I can not wait to read!!!

“In this course, we will investigate several historical answers to a complex and persistent question that has troubled Western culture since the beginning of the modern world: “What is a Self?”
The major texts (Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse) will be examined from the perspective of writers about self hood from the Christian theologian St. Augustine to the American philosopher/psychologist George Herbert Mead. We will also be looking for answers to our question in a wide variety of self-portraits painted by artists like Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso.”

2. I decided I was gonna shoot for a perspective and a major credit. So I picked Amer Lit 1620-Present. This would count towards my English major and a PL. 🙂

“American Literature from 1620 to Present Using American literature from its beginnings to the present, the course will introduce students to the study of literature by emphasizing the aims, methods and tools of the discipline. Students will become familiar with critical vocabulary, with selected authors, and with genre and literary period in a way that will carry over to more advanced classes.”

3. Since I have more then one major, I thought I would attempt to tackle the other. MJMC!! Advertising Influence covered the major and a PS. I even convinced my best friend to take it with me too!! 🙂

“Advertising and Social Influence examines history, strategies, techniques and effects of advertising on individuals and society.”

4. I had gotten this email a few weeks ago that a professor recommended me for a MJMC class. Though it doesn’t count as a perspective it is towards my major and sounds like so much fun! So I registered for Multimedia Reporting I!!

“Multimedia Reporting I: Information Gathering and Writing Introduces a toolkit of conceptual and practical skills in multimedia journalism. Students learn about reporting in contexts that cut across the traditional barriers of print, broadcast and online news.”


I am really pumped to take these classes. I have a feeling they will be a lot of work and still be a lot of fun!!!

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