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Fingerless gloves sorta day

This morning following my 8:30 history class, I walked over to Freshen’s, the usual table.  I opened itunes, which my friend had recently updated with a bunch of her albums.  Playing through them, I came upon something quite magical.  It was Schizophrenia (Rochester Sessions) by Jukebox the Ghost.  It was love at first listen.  Schizophrenia 

Do take a listen 🙂

Going back to my 8:30 class—ignore the time (it’s really not that bad).  Anyway, I have never been one to enjoy history or social studies courses.  In middle and high school.. we just never clicked, and my memory for important events in history solely existed in short term intervals.  However, that changed when I began history 132 with Lendol Calder. I took Calder last year for my LSFY 103: To love & To Wed, a course all about love, marriage and sex.  Clearly, it turned out to be m favorite class of the term.  Moreso, Calder turned out to be a hilarious, Texan-boot-wearing, awesome teacher.  So yes, I jumped at the opportunity to take another class with Calder, and also get my History GenEd credit out of the way.  Win win eh?  In contrast to traditional courses, there have been no tests this term in history.  Instead, the course consists of a number of workshops, writing assignment and essays.  To those of you (like me) who have long suffered at the hands of those dreadful history tests, fear no more!

On another note, I push you all to go to waug.fm  and take a listen to all of the wonderful student run radio shows.  In particular–I highly recommend tuning in to “Play, Listen, Repeat” Wednesdays @ 3-5pm with the always wonderful Andrea Syukur, & “The Asylum” Sundays @4-6pm with the hysterically potentially-psychotic Joshua Malone 🙂  Also, for any of you dinosaur lovers out there, be sure to tune in to “Cretaceous Chaos” Saturdays @4-6.

Week 9 is halfway over..YOU CAN DO IT!

~Signing out, Jaime


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