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Finally time to relax….AKA Week 8 Is FINALLY OVER!!!!

So week 8 left me extremely exhausted after a quiz, paper, exam, and essay. So come the weekend, decided to kick back, relax, and have some fun. Friday night, my friends and I went to intramural bowling. We are in no way, shape, or form professional bowlers. In fact, we looked down right hilarious! We had to use 8 lb bowling balls, which is kind of tiny for college kids, and one of my friends and I both had Velcro shoes because we only have size 4 or 5 feet. It was a lot of fun though! We got to goof off a little and just hang out. Then we went back to Seminary, my dorm : ), and watched The Strangers. It nudged us into the Halloween mood.

Saturday, we went to the orchestra concert. It was nice to see our friends and classmates, some of whom we are just getting to know, do something they really care about. Plus, they sounded amazing!!! I guess I have never been to a true orchestra concert before then, and I really enjoyed it. Plus, after the concert we went to Whitey’s, ate delicious ice cream, randomly danced and took silly pictures in the parking lot, and watched possibly the scariest horror movie I have ever seen, Insidious. I didn’t really sleep much Saturday night… Ok, I’m a little bit of a chicken….Then on Sunday, we went to the varsity men’s soccer game. After watching our friend play some really good soccer, taking more funny pictures, and generally enjoying the nice-ish weather I had time to relax and get my homework done.

So far this week, I have seen a lot of high school students visiting what might become their home away from home. It is kind of strange realizing that I was in their position about a year ago. I was walking around stunned by the general scariness of leaving home, coming to such a big community, and being responsible for myself. It’s weird, though, how looking back to my college visit days, everyone seemed so much older and bigger than me. Granted, I’m 5’2” and decidedly petite so pretty much everybody looks much older and bigger than me, but I remember the whole process as being very intimidating. So, for any high school seniors trying to make a decision and completely freaked out, remember that we college kids still remember what it’s like (after all it was only maybe a year ago). Ask us questions, don’t waste senior year worrying about the decision, and look forward to all the amazing experiences you are sure to have in college.

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