A window inside life at Augustana College


One of the things I would say that I love the best about Augustana is the likelihood of school faculty inviting you into their office for tea and chitchat. This has happened to me twice so far, once when I broke down in my LSFY class a mere few weeks ago (a Scandinavian professor happened to saunter by to see what was amiss, and unfortunately I do not remember her name), and the second time when Greg Aguilar caught me ascending the stairs to meet with Tendall as I do every Thursday. Needless to say, I incredibly enjoy the atmosphere here–the closeness between students and faculty, as well as the friendliness level of the majority of the students here, are exactly what prompted me to come here for college in the first place. The other places I visited… simply didn’t match up.

I… think that if people drank more tea, the world would be such a better place. <3 Nahh, that’s just a random musing, but you all know it’s true~

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