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Fishing for class

So on Friday, my class went out to sunset marina where we siphoned for fish. We went out to the Mississippi river where we put these huge nets that had wooden circles on the top of the the net and a lead line on the bottom. In the middle of the net, there was a huge bag where we would catch all the fish. So as you can remember Friday was really windy and very cold. All of my classmates were freezing, but we had a lot of fun because we caught so many fish. The first net that went out we caught many minnows, heron, and a decent sized bass. This was pretty exciting because we didn’t think we would catch much. As the day went on, we caught all different kinds of fish. We caught a good sized pike and bowfish which were the two biggest fish we caught all day. We also caught suckers, some walleye, sunfish, and bluegill. Even though it was cold, my class had a great time int he water searching for all these fish.

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