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Preparation for homecoming!

When you only have ten weeks (plus finals) a term, time seems to go by really, really, really fast. I picked all of my classes for next term and finally got all the classes I want for once. That’s one of the perks of not being an underclassman anymore, those who aren’t in your major don’t want to take the upper level courses. This of course means more of a chance you will get all the classes you want! Since next year will be my senior year, I’ve been figuring out how I can graduate with three majors. And I really want to go abroad at some point, so I’ve been figuring out if that is even possible.

So picked classes and now we’re gearing up for homecoming week! I’m a part of Sing (which I will post a video of next week) and got nominated for the homecoming court. As well, College Democrats will be hosting Pie a Politician for the homecoming fair. Homecoming is pretty much a full week of fun activities, so I am pretty excited! Besides that, nothing too excited has happened around here, except we went to a haunted house called Skellington Manor last night. I would highly recommend checking it out if you are in the Quad Cities. I’ve gone the past three years and it is always worth the money and long wait.

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