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PARIS!! :)

So this post is a continuation of my last post.  We have now left Taize and have arrived in the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, spectacular city of Paris, France!! I have wanted to go to Paris ever since I started taking French my freshman year of high school.  So let me tell you, I was on cloud 9.

After taking the TGV train into Paris we had to walk quite a ways through the metro station and then through Paris.  Carrying a backpack, purse, and wheeling a suitcase is no fun.  We were told to pack light for this exact reason and now I understood why.  After checking into our hotel room we all ventured out to grab some dinner.  The three other Augie students and I were so hungry for American food that we ate at an American Diner.  I’m sure you think we wasted a perfectly wonderful  night to try some authentic Paris cuisine, but boy did that burger and fries taste delicious 🙂

After dinner we had two choices: head back to the hotel or go to the Eiffel Tower.  Let’s take a short pause: I told my parents that if all I did was go see the Eiffel Tower while in Paris I would be content.  This shows how badly I wanted to go.  Ok, resume the story.  None of the other Augie students were feeling up to go so it was me and 5 other adults.  I couldn’t contain myself on the way there!  My dream was about to come true…

My first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower!

 I knew the Eiffel Tower was huge, but pictures in magazines and on the internet do it no justice.  Being there in person is a whole different reality.  We got there at sunset so the tower was a magnificent site.  We took a good 45 minutes or so to take pictures and stare at its beauty.  We then decided to get in line because we were going up! 🙂  We couldn’t decide if we wanted to go all the way up or just to the 2nd landing.  We decided on the second floor and that we would take the elevator.  I thought we would have a long wait but  it didn’t take long until I was standing on the Eiffel Tower looking out over Paris!

 Here I am on top of the Eiffel Tower with Paris in the background! 🙂  After spending an hour or so on the Eiffel Tower we ventured down, this time taking the stairs.  I couldn’t have imagined climbing those!  We then got on the metro and headed back to the hotel.  Those were the best 8 euros I ever spent 🙂

 The first day in Paris was a huge success and a check off my bucket list <3


 The next day was just spent wondering around Paris and doing some souvenir shopping.  It was so nice to explore the city and take pictures.  I also wanted to buy a purple (favorite color!) sweatshirt with “I <3 Paris” on it.  I got the last one at the shop I went to!  🙂  That night we went to Sacre Coeur which overlooks Paris.

 As you can see, the view was amazing!  There was some construction going on which hampered our view a little, but it was still wonderful.

 That day was also the 4th of July!  It was kind of sad not seeing any fireworks but one of the girls brought a blue wig with them that we all wore that night after dinner.  So we brought America to Paris 🙂


 Tuesday I went with Pastor Priggie, Sister Marilyn, and the other adults to Chartes.  It is the most gothic cathedral in the world and a spectacular site.

These beautiful stained glass windows were surrounding the church and absolutely stunning.  My church in Rock Island has stained glass windows but these don’t even begin to compare.  They are massive and each one depicts a biblical story. 

We got lunch (quiche!) at a cute little cafe and ate outside admiring the beauty of Chartes.  There was also major construction being done to both the outside and inside which was a little disappointing because the outside and inside had scaffolding and tarp.

After Chartes we got on the train and headed back to our hotel.  I had to hurry and get ready for our “fancy dinner” to celebrate our last night in Paris.


Dinner was seriously some of the best food I have ever tasted.  I tried escargot (snails) which was a very interesting experience.  Thank goodness it was covered in a sauce because it was quite rubbery feeling in my mouth.  For my main course I had steak and potatoes in a delicious sauce.  And for dessert….

 The most delicious carmel walnut ice cream!!  It was massive and as you can tell, I was surprised.  That dinner topped off the fantastic trip I had in France.  I had met people from all over the world, strengthened my trust in God, and stood on the Eiffel Tower.  You could say I was one happy girl 🙂

I was sad to go home on Wednesday but I was ready to see my family and tell them all about my trip.  That was the longest I had ever been away from my parents.  I am so lucky I got the opportunity to explore France.  If you are ever given the chance to study/go abroad, do it!!  You won’t regret it, I promise 🙂 


 I will leave you with one last picture of France from high above in the sky…

Goodbye France!

Until next time,


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