A window inside life at Augustana College

Rock Island

I’m from Chicago aka the greatest city ever. I love it. Coming from Chicago to Rock Island has been a big change. I never thought that coming from a big city to a smaller town would ever be this difficult.

Before I start, excuse my bias towards city life, my lack of truly knowing my surroundings, and my inability to get around…

Rock Island, thus far, hasn’t really made a good impression on me. I live in Andreen…so my surroundings are literally tennis courts and some fast food restaurants. Granted, I don’t have a car to get around in so I’m EXTREMELY limited to where I can easily get to. Today I did venture to a hair salon (The Head Shop) right near upper campus. I was definitely more impressed with the small area over there (though I didn’t do much walking around) compared to what’s down here. During my chat with the woman who put my feather extension in I sort of confirmed my “eh” feelings towards RI. The woman suggested places to eat but other then that she didn’t have many good things to say. During our 10 minute conversation she said the wordy shady about seven times- not really reassuring. I really do love Augie’s campus but the surrounding area…well, I’m just not a fan.  Now, I know not all college towns are super amazing but I feel like I must be missing out on something, but what it is exactly..I really don’t know.


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