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Different Colleges

Last weekend, I traveled with the Augustana Women’s tennis team to Carthage College for our last meets for the season, conference. It ended up going well, and the team got forth place. As I was watching some of the matches, I left for a little while and wandered around the Carthage College Campus.

Before I decided on a college for me, I applied to 20 schools to find my fit. Carthage was at the time a school that I did apply to and visited multiple times. I attended their orientation and registered for classes, but just never really felt like I fit there. I decided on Augie at the latest date I could decide, but knew it was the school for me.

When I went to Carthage this time, I saw it in a completely new way. When I had visited it at first, I was not impressed by the campus or the professors I spoke with. When I was there for conference, I absolutely loved it and thought it was beautiful! While walking around, I couldn’t help but think what would have been different if this was the school I chose to attend for my four years of college.

Don’t get me wrong, Augustana is wonderful and I would never regret my decision to go here in any way, but you can’t help but think how different your life would be if you attended a different college. Would you have the same major? Would you have good grades? Would you have friends like the friends you have at Augie?


Just some food for thought!

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