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Rock Island Brewing Company (RIBCO)

Location: The District, Rock Island

Price: Any

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon when the Alpha Sigs and I decided to take a nice dinner at the infamous RIBCO located in the District of Rock Island.

Now, like most Augustana students, I figured that RIBCO was nothing more than a bar meant to appease the townies and the of-age  Augustana patrons, I thought there was no way that I’d ever have a reason to sit down at a bar before I hit the great 2-1. So imagine my surprise when the president of the Alpha Sigs informed me that RIBCO has a $2 burger baskets on Tuesdays. Needless to say, Julie and I were ready to accompany one of Augustana’s fraternities to find out if this burger deal was a go or a terrible, terrible venture.

Honestly? I was impressed.

RIBCO itself sets a nice vibe up with folksy, sometimes jazz-like music. it’s very dark inside with small light bulbs that offer a dim illumination for those who sit directly underneath it, and it’s warm even with the front entrance wide open facing the center of the District. RIBCO had nice and friendly staff and offered an array of different beers and lagers (and all other fancy names i could throw out there to define a good brew) . There were always plenty of free soda refills for the youngin’s (Because nothing is more irritating than having an unquenchable thirst and no drink to satisfy it), and the burgers…

The burgers…

I love me some fully cooked no red-what-so-ever beef because for some reason, cooked-rare meat gives me the heebee-geebees. RIBCO cooked my burger to perfection, and it came with a generous amount of perfectly cooked french fries. Now, I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking the burgers or fries are huge. Julie and I found our baskets to have been the perfect size, but the majority of the boys ordered a second basket in the end, so be weary of that.

Seriously though, the District alone should be enough to convince you to at least come try RIBCOs one afternoon. The $2 Basket is worth coming down to there by itself, add in a nice staff and a cool atmosphere and RIBCO will seem irresistible.

(More Pictures to be added soon.)

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