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Why I Miss Emerge

Because Emerge is the best thing ever!

Seriously I am soooo (extra o’s for emphasis) glad I chose to be a part of Emerge. I met some awesome people, especially in the awesome Group 4 (fo’ Life!). I learned a lot about how to be, not just a better leader, but a better person in general. I learned about ways to get more involved on campus. I got a cool t-shirt. And I just basically had a lot of fun.

But it’s over now (for this year at least as I hope to continue to be involved with it) and I miss it already (it’s been a week) and I have to find a new way to spend my Monday nights (even though nothing could replace Emerge).

I’m going to cut this post short because Week 9 waits for no one and I hear a cup of coffee calling my name! (Coffee, by the way, also the best thing ever!)

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