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Going Home

I was home this weekend. For no particular reason really, I just felt like going home. Maybe I was homesick, it had been a month since my last visit (Labor Day). I did nothing special: just chilled with my family and high school friends, caught up on sleep, and did (absolutely no) homework.

I’ve been at Augie for 9 weeks (8 weeks of “school” and almost 1 week of orientation). I’m fully settled in. Augie is more or less my “home” now. But “home” is still “home” (if that makes sense)?

It was a little strange being “home”.

It’s weird to live out of a suitcase in my own “home”. It’s weird to talk to old friends and family after a month or so and “catch up” when I used to see them daily. It’s weird to call them “old” friends. It’s weird when my cousins are trying to be funny and they call me “college girl”. It’s weird to see friends from high school that are in their Junior or Senior year freaking out about the same things I was freaking out about a year or two ago. It’s weird to have to get updates on the lives of my siblings. It’s weird how I feel really old, not just because I’m in college and have “grown up”, but because every one I know is also growing up (and because I don’t see them as often the changes seem more dramatic when I do see them).

Basically, going home is kind of weird.

But it’s also comforting.

It’s comforting to sleep in my own, comfy, full-size bed. It’s comforting to eat my parent’s delicious cooking (and not have to pay). It’s comforting not to have to shower with shoes on. It’s comforting not to have to carry my ID and keys around everywhere I go. It’s comforting to drive around the streets and roads that I’m used to driving around without feeling like I’m going to get lost or turn the wrong way on a one-way street. It’s comforting not to have to walk up hundreds of stairs just to get to anywhere. It’s comforting to just be around the same people that I grew up with.

Basically, home is home. It’s a little weird that I don’t live there anymore and it’s always comforting to be home.

But Augie is also home. It’s still a little weird to think about it that way but it’s comforting to be able to get back into my now usual pattern of life and feel like I belong here.

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  1. i loooooooooove you !!!

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