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I am terrible.

Well, but at least I’m making progress. See, I’ve been dealing with a sort of depression on and off now, and it caused me to inevitably break down around two weeks ago. For three consecutive Thursdays (and more to come) I have visited with one of the school counselors (Tendall, I believe; he’s wonderful~), mostly to have a professional to talk to as well as a way to further reflect on myself. For when depression sets in, I unfortunately lose my sense of time as well as the motivation to write. This applies to all forms and styles of writing, including blog posts (the exception being homework at least–thank the Heavens). This is a rather ludicrous excuse, I am aware. However, the last time an incident of similar nature happened, nearly seven months passed with near to no improvement, at least in regards to exercising the talent I once flaunted so extravagantly with ease. I vowed to myself this would not happen again.

Where am I now, you may ask? Well, for one, I am here offering a sincere and rather flimsy apology for not updating… for around three weeks. I’ve lost all sense of time lately, and it rather is alarming. I truly will not let this happen again; I feel this is my responsibility and a great opportunity that I have been merely squandering away, and I am shameful. Although, it may relieve you to know (at least it does me) that this bout of depression has not touched its grisly hands upon my academics–they yet remain in top condition. In keeping up with my schoolwork, I will additionally make sure to ward off the shadows that hinder my confidence, my social skills, and my ability to focus on the passion that keeps me striving to achieve all that I can: writing. To feel the words flowing again my finally set things right, and back to they once were.

I thank you all graciously for your patience with me! I’ll try to update tomorrow over a musing that I’ve muddled over in my head for a stint of time.

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