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Oh Science, you are funny!

I was going to title this, “so basically” but then I remembered that was the title to my other blog.  Oh how uncreative and lazy I am.  Anyway, short blog update, because like before, there nothing really that new with me.  Life with Liz is not as cool as that show “My Life as Liz”  I think that’s what it was called anyway.

However, there was some good times in Organic Chemistry this past week.  These are some quotes from my Professor who has got to be the best Organic Chemistry professor ever. So gather around! It’s story time!  A very horrible told story cause they will be like two sentences each… but anyway, a story is a story and you don’t want the background information on Organic lectures, trust me!

Last week(?):

We were learning about stereochemistry and the “chair conformation,” when a girl asked, “Why do we need to learn this?”  To which the Professor replied, “Basically, Medical Schools use this as a way of sorting out dumb people from smart people.  I mean dumb people won’t know how to do this.  They don’t want stupid people going to medical school cause that’s just stupid.”

Haha.  Okay, so I added some words cause the jist of his explanation was because it weeded out the people who couldn’t learn/understand chemistry. (He really did say it was to keep stupid people out of medical school though!) I believe my exaggerated version to be much more funnier…Or maybe its not funny at all…hm…


While we were learning Fischer Projections, to which my Professor has already announced his dislike for (students agreed!):

A guy asks, “Why do we need to learn this? Like what does it test and used for?”

To which the Professor replied, “It beats the crap outta me! I hate these projections and I only teach them because they tell me to teach them!  Some guy named Fischer couldn’t picture molecules in 3-d very well so he created this crap.”

LOL!  That’s even better than the last.  This guy is great and he is an awesome Professor.  Granted he is very outspoken about his beliefs, but isn’t that what college is all about?  I love the Professors here at Augie, there is never a dull day.

In almost every Zoology powerpoint our professor gives us, there are two animals “doing it.” But I mean, its science.

Yay nature. =P

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