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Random Chatter

Everyone always told me what great discussions I’d have in college, and though I do have some in class, the random debates with my toommates that break out at strange times are probably what I enjoy most about life here. Those discussions, in turn, make me very grateful for having such wonderful roommates. Though they can be messy or noisy at times, I can live with those things. Living with someone I couldn’t talk to is about the hardest thing I can imagine. I enjoy sharing a room with people who can manufacture an hourlong discussion about existentialism from a single complaint about not understanding Kierkegaard.

Case in point: last night, one roommate and I were alone in our room, and we ended up talking for about an hour and a half, at least, about everything from gay rights to feminism. Another roommate came in at the end of that hour and a half, and promptly joined the discussion which went on to cover high school marching band, friendships, and “jokes” that we just can’t tolerate. I don’t even remember how the discussion started.

Today, Quidditch practice was canceled, so I got my workout helping one roommate de-loft her bed. So much more space in the room now! And that process ended up in a discussion about yoga, what joints we can crack, and a certain overly talkative friend.

Sometimes, this tendency for random debates is a little frustrating. Much as I enjoy discussing why sex is so taboo for forty-five minutes, that is not the best idea when it’s ten pm and I’m trying to write a page in French about Pascal’s worldview.

But most of the time, I love it. Such as just now, when I stopped typing for a few minutes to have a conversation that is a little too… awkward… to post here.

Bottom line: When you come to college, make friends you can talk to for hours, not friends who make you “look cool” or “fit in.”

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