A window inside life at Augustana College

Living the Business Life

When I graduated from H.S. I had heart set on majoring in psychology. Over the summer I took a psychology course and realized that psych was not for me. I started to get an interest in business and by the time I got to Augie I knew that business would be my new major. Why business? I honestly don’t know!
I decided to join business club because I wanted to learn more about the major. When they mentioned the trip to St. Louis I immediately knew I wanted to go. We would be able to experience what is to work in the world of business.
Our trip consisted of several stops, Build a Bear Workshop Corporate Office, the St. Louis Cardinal’s stadium, Drury Hotels, Anheuser Busch, and Alberuci. These were all once in a lifetime opportunities.
While at Build a Bear we got to see a lot about how the company works. Working there would be the perfect job. There are stuffed animals everywhere, the job is very laid back, people get to wear jeans, take their dogs to work, and they have frequent employee parties.
The Cardinal’s stadium was a total experience! It was like taking a glimpse behind the scenes. We got to go onto the field, as long as we didn’t step on the grass, got to sit on the player’s benches, we were shown the luxuries that come with purchasing VIP tickets, and we were even told about some of the tricks that the company does to make more money!
The Drury Hotel is where we stayed. It has the perfect location, about a block away from the Arch! It is absolutely beautiful and everyone was super nice! They even showed us a video about how the company got started.
Going to Anheuser Busch would be like a dream come true for any beer lover, I enjoyed it and I don’t drink. It was really interesting to learn about how such a big company got started and to be able to see how the process of beer brewing works. Not only did we learn about the brewing, but we even got to see how it is packaged.
I had never heard about Alberuci until this week, but after Friday, I have to say that it would be an awesome place to work. It is one of the ‘greenest’ companies in the world and comes with great benefits. I have to admit though, that my favorite thing about it is that it has a gym that employees can use while at work!
The 4 ½ hours on a bus were worth the experiences that I had this week. I learned so much about the business world and now know that a career in business is something that I would enjoy. Not only that, but I got to do something I would’ve never imaged doing; I went to the top of the Gateway Arch! I have to admit I was apprehensive about it at first but it was not bad at all. Going to the top of the arch was such an awesome experience, there is such a great view from the top! And the best thing of all is that I got to do it with some awesome people!

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