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My Newfound Appreciation for Saturdays….

Today is a Saturday. What I just realized is that Saturdays are my catch-up days. It’s a nice surprise to wake up in bed around  3, realize that I dont have anywhere to be, and I dont have any person or thing demanding my immediate attention, and lay there reflecting, just thinking, like I havent been able to do in days, maybe weeks. I feel calm, like I havent felt in days, and Im now about to cover up my messy leftover friday night hair with a hat, go down to the cafeteria for a sandwich, then head to the library where I will pick up a coffee before beginning the long list of overdue homework that’s been plaguing me all week.

Its kind of nice to have this time, a full day where I can sleep until 3pm in order to catch up on all the sleep I missed during my crazy chaotic week, the remnants of which are scattered across my room- makeup and random other items (but mostly makeup) covering my desktop, twisted sheets hanging off the foot of my bed, discarded clothes piled up on the chairs, to-go boxes stacked in and on my fridge, and shoes and other forgotten items covering my floor- all of which I will clean up later today before beginning a new week.

Honestly its difficult to convey the joy I feel in not having a pre-determined schedule that leaves few minutes in between tasks for me to fulfill my own needs, or wants. It may seem pathetic that not having a schedule, even just for one day, brings me such joy, even when realistically nothing has changed and I still have a million things I need to do, all hanging over my head. But honestly… I just want to be free, and Saturdays are the perfect time for me to indulge my fantasy.

In college, where it seems like the homework and the stress and the business will never stop, sometimes it will, on a Saturday.

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