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Adventures of: The Goddess of Leaves

I wrote this story/rant around this time last year, and can see it still applies, much to my dismay:

It was then that I saw it.  The leaves that until today had been rivers of colors surrounding trees, reaching towards the sidewalks, an array of crunching steps to brighten just anyone’s day.  But what I saw, was void of any care for a leaf crunchers dream, a dream of running through the grass, jumping the crisp and satisfying greens and reds, oh vibrant oranges, changing fast. 

            I’d seen the piles they’d blown before, more than 8 feet long, along sidewalk paths that I walked by.  I thought nothing of it then of course, merely wishing to dive into the leaves awaiting, swim, dash, crunch through the beautiful fall display.  But I had not, could not embrace them then, for I was nearly late for class.

            Upon my return, my graceful, joyous step from out the door, did my eyes then reach and see that horror.  As an unknown truck stood along side one pile, of my so loving leaves there were, and vacuumed up the autumn leaves, as if they were simply trash.  Inside my mind I yelled STOP! Do not steal the leaves now fallen on the ground!  They’ve never done us any harm; what reason do you have for this?!  As the man that held the tube ignored me, as they stole away the fallen leaves, stolen from the autumn trees.  I was outraged, distressed, despaired, to see what had become of the  paths and grass once so full of vibrant colors, crispen’ footsteps, now dull and void, deprived of the leaves they used to bare.  And all at once I thought, why not run into the leaves, scatter them before it’s too late, refuse to let them take away the beauty here?  But, I did not, could not. 

            And so I watched them suck away, the joy and autumn’s stolen gift. Leaves only meant to beautify the ground below, now kidnapped victims we take for dead.  The leaves whose tears I will now shed, until vengeance shall be mine. 

Granted, I did not cry over these stolen leaves, but they are to me, the best part of fall.  Yesterday, I spent the afternoon being an actor along with my friends in my roommates photoshoot.  Her assignment: to get photos of action shots.  And thus, we built up the leaf piles on the grassy hill outside the library and proceeded to jump, run, and dive out from the leaves.  I rode my bike through them as they flew into the air, and watched my boyfriend become a 5 year old making the biggest leaf pile ever.  As my friends buried me completely in leaves and I sprung out, I was appropriately named “The Goddess of Leaves.”  It was a break from all the chaos of the approaching end to the term, time to just be silly, and have fun frolicking in the leaves with my best friends. To anyone reading this: get out there, run in the now wet, icky….cold, leaves…or not, maybe wait for the sun to dry them up again.  In the meantime put on some grungy clothes if you don’t wanna get too messy, and let’s go.. PUDDLE JUMPING!!  No, I’m not 5 anymore, but the fact that I’m around about seven to nine kids under the age of 8 every day at home….might have something to do with my childlike love of nature and curiosity 🙂

~~Till next time,

The Goddess of Leaves

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