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What up Augie!!

Heyo everyone, this is my very first blog ever. So my name is Aaron Trost and I am a sophomore. I am a Geography major and still debating on whether to do a Spanish minor. I am in cross country, track, fencing, and usually have a radio program for waug. But for his year I am not doing cross this year because I am in a immersion term called Hydroecology. This means I only have one class all semester, but it is four classes in my one class. For this class, my classmates and myself do many research projects and are put into pretty much a work environment. We also do many projects which keeps me semi busy.

So a little about myself. I am from Kankakee, IL which is about a half hour down south from Frankfort or if you are familiar with Olivet Nazarene University I am about ten minutes away from the school. I went to Bishop McNamara Catholic High School and played many sports there as well. I love to play any kind of sports. I have played football, basketball, baseball, cross country, track, and golf. I love to listen to music and love to watch movies as well. I have seen a lot of movies because my dad buys many movies and I usually watch most of them with him. During the summers, I work at Dairy Queen and work for my uncle that bought a landscaping franchise. When I am not at work, I love to just chill with my friends and hang with my family outside and talk about the week.

Well these are some things about me and I hope to have many more blogs to come.

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