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Yo, Welcome to my first post for Augie! My name is James Stratton (some call me sunshine) and I am a Sophomore at Augustana. I play football and am majoring in Multimedia Journalism Mass Comm. I plan on becoming some sort of sports journalist and or sports reporter/anchor. I currently have a radio show called Od’ing on Sunshine on our WAUG radio station. You can catch it at www.waug.fm from 10pm-midnight CST on Tuesdays. I also am now writing for the Augustana Observer which is our news paper on campus. I also am involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

I also enjoy slurpees from 711, I hope most of you do as well. I enjoy Arnold Palmer, if you don’t know what it is I suggest you go to your nearest gas station and get one IMMEDIATELY. It comes in a 23 ounce can of epicness. I also just like to have fun, I feel like college is easier that way. Now parents, I am not saying that I don’t take school seriously, I am saying that college is way easier and better if you have a positive outlook on it. Yes I stay up til 3-4 AM sometimes doing homework, and no I don’t usually enjoy it, but if I am positive about it then it’s tolerable.

Anyway, for this blog I hope to just show you what my life is like here at Augie, my blog will be scarce for the next month or so because of football but after that I will post more. If you have any questions feel free to comment here, or email me at jamesstratton10@augustana.edu


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