A window inside life at Augustana College

An Awfully Big Adventure

Many students worry that when they go to college, their first time really away from home, that they will get homesick. In most circumstances, this is not the case. Of course, you will miss your parents and your pets and the use of a private bathroom, but college life will be so enchanting the first year that you will hardly remember what you’ve left. There are always exceptions to this rule. Being the only child in my house I thought that I would be one of those exceptions. I wasn’t. I was too amazed at the idea that I was living on my own, telling myself when to go to bed, and enjoying being a responsible adult for once.

Now I am in my very last year of college and I find that my homesickness has been delayed. When I was a first year, I had the opportunity to go home every weekend, which I didn’t, a phone to call my parents everyday, which I didn’t, and the desperate need for some laundry coaching (instead of calling Mom, I just Googled it). Now, I call my parents daily, go home as much as I can (that not being very often), and miss the simple joy of being able to come home to the best canine-substitute brothers an only child could ask for.

Perhaps this delayed feeling is the result of the impending doom of graduation and adulthood looming in the not-so-distant future or maybe it is the simple fact that I miss my childhood. Re-reading my favorite childhood story, Peter Pan, has not helped that feeling. But perhaps, even though we all most grow up and face the hard truth that once we have become adults we can’t ever go back, I can still reignite that childish sense of adventure that was so excited about life and all its new stages. It was present when I ran away to college, which, at the time, was a Neverland for recent High School graduates. I think it can be present now when there is a whole world of possibilities awaiting me on the other side of my diploma. I think to grow up will be an awfully big adventure.

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