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Top 5 reasons why October is the best month of the year

5) Leaves are falling off the trees – Augustana is gorgeous in the fall! Walking down the slough path, it feels like you are in a sea of oranges, reds, and yellows. It is so wonderful walking through piles of leaves, kicking them as you go from class to class. Augustana has so many trees, it’s lovely. 

4) Halloween oreos – Halloween oreos are pretty much the greatest invention ever known to man. It’s like a regular oreo, but it has an orange center and for some reason tastes a billion times better than a regular oreo. And they start selling it in November.

3) Haunted Houses – Last night we went to Factory of Fear, which is a haunted house in Moline. It was pretty good, especially since you couldn’t see half the time. We went as a joint social for Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha, which was super fun because I absolutely LOVE haunted houses! Next week, my roommates and I are going to another haunted house – Skellington Manor. There’s nothing better than going to a house to get scared.

2) Scary movies – October is the month where people actually agree to watch scary movies! I watched Hell Night with my roommate recently and it was really good. I am currently on the search for a movie that gives me nightmares. I haven’t found one yet! Feel free to give suggestions 🙂

1) Halloween! – The best holiday ever. Free candy and you get to dress up, even when you are an adult. There’s nothing better than that!

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