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Housing and registration and internships. Oh my!

While there have not been any lions, tiger or bears in my life, (props to those who realized my title was from The Wizard of Oz!) I have been very busy with housing, registration and internships. Every year, housing is a huge stress because Augustana has a lottery system for picking where you live the next year. However, choosing off-campus housing for senior year seems to be just a tad bit more stressful, since the school is no longer holding your hand. And Rock Island has this silly rule where no more than 3/4 girls can live one house because otherwise it’s considered a brothel. But finally, after many long nights and viewing a bunch of terrible houses, we are no longer homeless for senior year! I can’t even believe that I’ll be a senior next year. They say college goes by fast…and boy where they right!

And of course, it’s once again registration time for picking classes for winter term. This is also an added college stress since they do it by credit hours, although for the first time ever, I am at the beginning of junior registration! Picking classes, making sure you graduate in four years, and having that dreaded time when there is one seat left in a class you need, is not something I look forward to. But according to my advisor, I can graduate in 4 years with 3 majors, so that’a really all that matters.

And finally, internships. Even though summer has just ended, it is once again time to start looking for summer internships. (If anyone know any radio stations hiring interns, let me know!)

Extra [because I have no pictures in this blog]: I bought the first 3 seasons of Boy Meets World and watched a lot of the episodes this weekend. Click here for just one of the funny moments from this awesome show.

EDIT: Due to some circumstances beyond our control, we do not have any place to live next year. But I will keep all of you updated when we find a place to live!

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