A window inside life at Augustana College

Arthur’s Deli

Location: On the corner of 30th Street and Black Hawk Rd.

Price: $2 – infinite dollars.

There are many things much too beautiful in the world to describe. One of those places? Arthur’s Garden Deli.

I’ve made it a hobby of mine to bring friends and family there whenever they come into town. Arthur’s is a delicacy unlike any other. I’ve never once been dissatisfied by its choices of sandwiches,  soups, baked potatoes, frozen yogurt, and cheese cake. Literally everything that comes out of Arthur’s tastes like Zeus himself pooped it out onto a gold platter and gave it to the masses to consume, saying ever so kindly, “Please, eat this, I made it especially for you,” (okay, so maybe saying something tastes like it came out of someone’s butt isn’t too appealing, but trust me on this one: Zeus knows how to make a sandwich).

So, take it from me. Next time you have cash to spend (which, let’s be honest here, you’re in college, the next time you’ll have any form of currency will be in roughly five months) stop by Arthur’s Deli where you most definitely won’t be regretting your next meal.

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