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Highs and Lows

Hello again!

I’ve officially made it through midterms alive! Woo! And now back to the regular craziness of school…

For this blog I’m going to try out something we did at the camp I worked at this summer- highs and lows. Basically, you say the low point and then the high point of your day/week to reflect on your time. So, I thought I’d give you the highs and lows of my week! I like to do them in pairs, low then high, because then I can focus on the positive

Low: I got really sick a couple weeks ago and lost my voice, and my singing voice isn’t completely back yet. High notes are still an issue and that’s kind of a problem when you’re a soprano 1. And I have two concerts next weekend- Gospel Choir and the Four Choirs Concert with Jenny Lind- so lets hope it is in full force soon!

High: To keep it in perspective, my voice is way better than it was a couple weeks, or even a week ago. Staying on the up and up! I’m super excited about the upcoming concerts too. Gospel Choir makes me so happy- I smile pretty much the entire time we are singing:) And we are singing a glorious song called Joy in Jenny Lind with gorgeous harmonies. Seriously, it makes my heart melt everytime. And we are known to give our director goose bumps🙂 Find the links for the concert info here!



Low: A lot of people in my religion class didn’t do the reading this week, so our class discussions suffered this week. I’m always on top of things so it’s frustrating when other people don’t hold up their end of the deal, and it affects everyone. But I am a religion major, so I guess I’m more interested and dedicated to this class than the non-religion majors in the class. And I LOVE my professor, so I always try extra hard for her too.

High: I am proud of myself for finishing all of the reading for the class. It involved some super intense power reading the past couple of days. Such a wonderful skill you develop in college:) And we did manage to talk about some good stuff in class, so it wasn’t all bad. 

Low: Registration is soon and I don’t know what classes I’m going to take next term! I don’t have advisors for my majors yet, so I have to do most of it myself which is stressful. And I’m trying to figure out how studying abroad in the future will affect all of this so that adds another element as well. All of this came up so fast!

High: It is exciting to think about the future, especially since I finally have decided on majors (I was clueless for a long time). And there is a study abroad meeting soon, so hopefully that will help me figure stuff out!

Low: This weekend is a big fall festival/reunion at the camp I worked at in Virginia. A ton of my friends will be there, and I won’t:( This is when going to a place far away isn’t fun. I really hit me this week how much I loved camp this summer and how much I miss it. 

High: Tomorrow I am going to skype two of my best friends from camp! I’m super excited to see and catch up with them, and hopefully it will make me feel less sad about not being there. 

Low: The crew team isn’t going to our scheduled regatta this weekend. We had a low number of people going and other factors too, so it just made sense to skip out on this one.

High: Now I get a relaxing weekend at school! I’m excited to hang out with friends I haven’t seen very much and get ahead on some homework. And catch up on some much needed SLEEP!


That was some good reflection right there! I encourage you to think about the highs and lows of your week for some perspective. Adios amigos!

Another song for you (an awesome version by Mutual Kumquat)- Kum Ba Ya

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