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So basically…

Hello again!  I haven’t posted anything because I’m basically a lazy bum.   I do not have a good excuse except that if and when I do have down time, I like to sleep, read, or just play video games (mostly sleep).  Since last week I haven’t done anything interesting, my college life is mostly class, work, homework, group meetings, homework, sleep, homework, oh and I can’t forget about homework.

One would assume that after doing all the homework I would have none left to do.  But when I do “homework” I have to listen to music, be on facebook, have friends around, moodle is open, and my email is constantly being refreshed.  No, I’m not popular with the incoming emails, but I like to keep my inbox down to at least ten emails present, call me OCD.  So with all these amazing windows up, a Kindle, about 1000 songs on my media player and 30+ games on my PS3, its incredibly hard to concentrate!!

I recently found out my friend has Call of Duty Black Ops for PS3, he just became best friend quality.  Haha, I joke, but he is cool! 

Recently I attended an Honest Conversation, and while I cannot go into details about the conversation itself, I can say the comments made were surprising and amazed me to end.  It was strange and usually while attending Honest Conversations I feel as if “I knew it all before,” but some of the comments made me rethink people and their attitudes towards others.  I would love to explain, but I cannot! I’m sorry!! D=

(Honest Conversations is an event MPB hosts in which multicultural students and (usually) caucasian students meet and have an honest and deep conversation about anything and everything. )

I recieved a life lesson from my Organic Chemistry Professor yesterday, it was odd and weird, but it was nice.  He had sent me off track about twenty kabillion times, but in the end, the old guy won me over…sort of, I’m not over messing up my lab just yet.  The life lesson: Stuff happens and sometimes you fail, get over it.  Yes sir, thank you sir, may I have another? Ugh.

I also had my radio show yesterday!!  If you didn’t know, Augustana allows you to have a radio show on WAUG.  I’ve had one since last term and its been pretty fun thus far.  However, my Co-Host and I were just not feeling it yesterday and it sort of sucked, to be honest.  I talked about Harry Potter, played some “Socks with Sandals” and “MC Grammar” on youtube, it was fun.  But alas I do not know if I will have it next term.  If I do, it might be an hour long, two hours is alot of time for just talking into a microphone… I’m a “loser” but I’m not that big of a “loser.” 

In any case, I am sorry for not posting anything “worth reading” causing this is mostly me talking about a week in the life of…me.  Anyway, sorry I couldn’t be more entertaining, perhaps this weekend will be more entertaining, its Family Weekend here at Augustana, so I shall let you know how that goes.

Till next time dearies.  Toodles poodles 🙂

P.S. I’m writing this on internet explore so any errors was its fault, I take no blame for it =P  Firefox fixes things for me! =D

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