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A Good Night’s Rest

Life is like a good night’s rest–sometimes it happens, but often times, it doesn’t. Like last night when I stayed up until 3AM writing a paper for Logos and woke up at 7:45 to get ready for class (don’t let the 3AM thing scare you, I just procrastinate, we watched Stand-Up Comedy today in Logos.) But when a person contemplates on my first sentence, they might think, “Wait…sometimes life happens, but often times it doesn’t? This chick needs a little more sleep because that makes no sense…” Think of it this way…with Hall Council, APO pledging, SGA, and Emerge, it gets hard to get homework done with my free time in the evening. It gets hard to actually live opposed to taking the easy route and just going through the motions. If you want to make anything in your life meaningful, you have to live in it and not just live through it. We are all busy people, but with all that we do we will never get to enjoy life if we stay busy and go through the motions.

I moved out of temporary housing Tuesday. Pretty sweet. I think the fact that I have graduated high school and I am actually in college is finally starting to sink in (bout time)

Well, I’m going to get some rest…

Until next time faithful followers!


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