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Thumbs Up for Midterm Week!

Watch this YouTube video in its entirety before reading my post!


This, my friends, is me at this very moment in time.

Study.  Eat.  Write a paper.  Study some more.  Sleep if I’m lucky.  This was my routine for about the past week, and it’s made life seem a bit unbearable at times.  I’ve learned one thing about trimesters so far–midterms are sneaky little (okay, more like big) things that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  I love my professors, I really do; the classes they teach, however, are typically different stories.  My lovely professors felt as if they were doing me a favor by having the big “midterm assignments” due at the beginning of Week 6 instead of Week 5 (midterm week)–too bad all of them thought the exact same thing.

As a first year college student, I had no idea how terrible 8:30 classes would really be; therefore, I thought nothing of the fact that I chose to have 8:30 classes five days a week and quickly began to hate myself.  Both of my classes yesterday consisted of me giving some type of presentation, which obviously took quite a bit of preparation over the weekend.  For over six hours of my Monday (which turned into early this morning technically,) my American Government class took over my life.  I finally finished a study guide that I condensed (yes, condensed) down to a mere ten pages.  I proceeded to study my butt off with this study guide, trying to memorize every little fact.

Walking into Old Main this morning to face this midterm, I didn’t feel too confident; I possibly felt a solid “B” on my hands if I was lucky (I’m a perfectionist, and anything less than an “A” disappoints me to some extent.)  An hour-and-a-half later, I walked out of Old Main with a completely different attitude.  I literally feel like I absolutely aced that exam.  That feeling combined with knowing that my presentations and exams are overwith for awhile is currently making me feel as if I could take on the world, just like the boy who rode his bike without training wheels for the very first time.

Words of inspiration: Don’t let stress rule your life.  It’s good to prepare yourself, but letting the fear of failure rule your mind to the point of nearly breaking down is never worth it.

Oh, and thumbs up for rock and roll.

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