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College is all about trying new things, right? Honestly, I’m not one who is usually open to new things..I like to stick to what I know. A few weeks back some friends invited me and my roommate to play tennis. I literally laughed at the thought of playing tennis.

1. I’m not too athletic, scratch that..I’m not athletic. I played sports throughout grade school and sort of kept up with it during high school but..yeah, not athletic.

2. My fondest memory of tennis was trying to “play” with my childhood friend. Our game, from what I remember, consisted of him serving the ball to me and in return I just sort of attempted to swat at it. Needless to say, I don’t think we really got too far.

3. I’m not too fond of embarrassing myself.

After my slight fit of laughter, I changed into some tennis appropriate clothes (you know, the skort, fancy shoes and matching sweatbands, of course). I was skeptical walking onto the court but hey, it’s college. Two hours later I realized two things:

1. I need to get in shape. That whole lack of athletic skills crept up on me.

2. I’m such a fan of tennis.

Moral of the story: Try new things. Tennis is literally the last thing I’d ever think I would play/do and actually like it. Not only is it a way to make friends and workout (a fun way, even if you’re terrible at it..running around like crazy trying to hit a tennis ball is funny) but its something different to try. So branch out and do something different 🙂


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