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So I’ve Been A Little Busy…

So I sincerely meant to post days ago but as you can read from my title, I’ve been a little busy super, crazy busy.

I’ll start with my weekend two weekends ago.

Saturday. Early. (Like NINE AM early!) I met up with Latinos Unidos (LU) for the Mexican Independence Parade at Casa Latina. We got all dolled up, drove to Moline, decorated Veronica’s car, and walked in the parade tossing candy to kids and representing Augie’s hispanic community in style.

This was a really fun thing to do and I’m glad that I was able to show off my Mexican heritage, interact in the Quad City community, and represent Augie.

Latinos Unidos at the Mexican Independence Parade!

After the parade we ate some Chinese food that was not as good as advertised and we went back to campus, where I got a much needed nap. The rest of that weekend consisted of reading, writing, studying, coffee-drinking, laundry doing, and Facebook checking.

The week continued with the theme of crazy busy.

Monday: 8:30 Logos class, lots of homework, club meetings scheduled at over-lapping times, EMERGE!, more homework until the wee hours of the night.

Tuesday: no 8:30 class = sleep!, waking up to do lots of homework, eating lunch on the way to class, Chem, Psych, College Democrats, dinner, doing homework in the library until midnight, finishing homework in my room until sometime after midnight.

Wednesday: Logos, coffee, homework, coffee, Chem Lab (ugh!), Chem test (UGH!), coffee, homework, coffee, homework, sleep.

Thursday: Logos, food/coffee, Chem, Psych, food/coffee, homework, coffee, homework, sleep.

Friday: coffee, Logos class, coffee, Keeping it Current, food, nap.

After my awesome, enjoyable, much-needed nap, I met up with Circle K outside of Centennial to go to the Hot Air Balloon show in East Moline. The event was a fundraiser for River Bend Foodbank and we basically collected non-perishable food items and money from people that attended. It was cold but a lot of fun, the balloons were pretty cool, and it felt good to volunteer for a great organization that gives so much back to the community (plus we got free t-shirts!).

Hot Air Balloons!

We got back to campus around 8-ish, just in time for me to fill in for Vince Fiore on his show for WAUG. I spent the next two hours getting my dubstep on and trying to not fall asleep while on air. I then magically appeared in my room ready to sleep.

And sleep I got. I woke up more or less rested, ate some breakfast (french toast FTW!), and met up with my Emerge group (Group 4 fo’ Life!), and we went to the Humane Society to play with puppies!

But mostly paint benches.

We spent the majority of our two hours there staining/weather-proofing these old benches until they looked better than new. But we did get to walk some dogs and play with some cats. Most importantly we helped the Humane Society with tasks they needed done (and finished our required Emerge service project just in time to present it).

Group 4 fo' Life!

The rest of the night involved mostly lazing around, sleeping, eating, attempting to do homework, and the KT-Roundel Bash, which was lots of fun.

On Sunday I woke up to do some more volunteering! This time at the Putnam Museum Unity Fest as part of the requirements for my diversity scholarship. This was a fun two hours that were spent sitting at a table, handing out candy to children who could point out places on a map or play a quick game of beanbag toss, watching cool cultural dance displays, getting Henna tattoos, and representing Augie with big smiling faces (despite the fact that it was relatively early on a Sunday morning).

Unity Fest

I closed my weekend and started my week with the now routine pattern of homework, coffee, Facebook, classes, meetings, and sleeping.

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks. And while I have been very busy, I wouldn’t change anything because I’ve loved everything so far (minus the HOURS of homework)!


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