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Week 5 in a nutchell….AKA Oh Geez its MIDTERMS!!!!!!!

So this week was midterm week……. I survived!!!!! I feel like exams were actually a bit anti-climactic. I had been warned by friends and family that college is nothing like high school and, well, they were right. Exams and classes in general are challenging, but they don’t waste my time. I don’t do mindless busy work, I know I am responsible for my grades (extra credit doesn’t exist in college), and my professors make sure that they cover all the material in class and answer questions so I am prepared for exams. In fact the most emotional aspect of the whole exam ordeal, I only panicked a little bit, was when my friends and I realized that we were officially half way done with our first term of college. It is a great feeling when you realize you survived something that you worried about for weeks and months. I don’t mean that I was worried about exams for that long, but the whole college experience. I think everyone was nervous about whether or not they would make friends, like their classes, understand their professors, or even remember not to lock themselves out of their room. It’s nice to know that I have accomplished something.

This week was actually pretty fun. I only actually had one midterm exam. Unfortunately, it was in my foundations class. That class has so much information based on philosophy that my whole class was pretty much terrified of the exam. Our particular class only has 14 people in it though, so we are pretty close. We studied together in the library and actually kind of made it fun. We got coffee and candy and made up funny ways to remember things. Oh, and I learned that the Brew carries Hot Tamales which go great with a nice cup of hot chocolate while you are completely overreacting about a test.

Overall, week 5 was pretty OK. I got a lot done and managed to stay calm, well at least for the most part. Can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me in week 6!

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