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A music-filled weekend

Like most weekends, this one seemed particularly short. But it was filled with one of my favorite things in life — Music! For WAUG on Friday, I had to record Live on Campus. Live on Campus is one of my favorite parts of Fridays. Basically, CUBOM brings in different musical artist. They range anywhere from Augustana students to country singers to pop artists. Friday they featured Steve Means. I had never heard of him before, but apparently he is big on YouTube. (Click on the link to check him out!) He was really funny and was a really good singer.

Then on Saturday, I went to Chicago for a Radio Conference at Columbia College. Minus the fact we left at 5:30am and didn’t get back till like 11pm, it was well worth it. I got to see the sunrise for the first time in a while and also got to stop by home to visit my parents. At the radio conference, they had a ton of hosts from different stations around the midwest. My favorite was probably seeing Special K, Scott Corchin from 103.5 KISSFM.

I was pretty excited about that since I love that station. It was really cool being with other people who care about radio and making their station awesome, as much as I do.

After the conference was done, we stopped by at my house, since the person who was driving wanted to visit one of her friends who lives in my town. It was nice seeing my parents unexpectedly. Even though I’m a junior, I still miss my parents at times. The only sad part was that my sister was going to homecoming that night, so I wasn’t able to see her. But I got to see my grandma, pets and go out to dinner. So that almost made up for it. But overall, I had an enjoyable weekend and it was a wonderful end to my not so good, kind of awful week 5!


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