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A Greenwing Extravaganza Pt. 1

Treat yourselves to this, kiddos:


The content of this post will be rather outdated, as it happened a week ago. However, in this past week I’ve been without a computer, so I couldn’t get any photos up.

Last weekend was the first annual DARWIN CLUB/GLOBAL AFFECT GREENWING NATURE EXTRAVAGANZA (I made that name up as I wrote it).

In case any of you didn’t know, Augustana owns a 400 acre field station near Dixon, IL, called Greenwing. It’s full of forests and prairies and wetlands for your ecological/nature-loving pleasure. The place really is gorgeous, and it’s quite a treat to have access to it. Every summer there are a few classes taught out there, and I strongly encourage everyone to take one. This past summer I took Local Flora with Dr. Dziadyk, and lived at Greenwing for two weeks. Class involved hiking around the property identifying plants. Now who wouldn’t fall in love with that idea?

Back to the camping trip. After a car ride last Friday brimming with the alphabet game, us eleven adventurers arrived at Greenwing. Once beds were claimed (alright, so it wasn’t really a legit camping trip, Greenwing does have indoor sleeping facilities) we put on some dinner. All us students helped out in some way shape or form, whether it was cutting vegetables, watching the stir fry, or playing music for entertainment. Meanwhile Dr. Dziadyk was…where? Who knows.

We cooked up a curry to put over pasta that was absolutely to die for. Major props to Elizabeth Fisher for her cooking skills! Dinner conversation was centered around Dr. Dzaidyk’s stories of worldly travels and chit chat about the philosophy and morality of nature. There’s never a light topic of conversation with Dr. Dziadyk…

Making smores over a dutch oven

Kyle Soyer then treated us to some peach cobbler cooked in his magnificent dutch oven.

After dinner was a major jam session. Just about everyone brought an instrument or two along on the trip. Two mandolins, at least four guitars, a ukelele, a melodica, a tambourine, and a triangle. I discovered how incredibly easy it was to play the ukelele. I’m going to have to invest in one of those instruments.

The Greenwing Band

It was well nigh 1 o’clock before we ventured off to bed. But not before a few of us, myself included, went out to stargaze. We strolled on out to a small meadow and stood there staring at the night sky. The moon was as bright as any street lamp. I’ve been in such situations before, in even more isolated places, but this time it really just got me. How those stars, that moon, these are the same lights that hominids have been musing and marveling over for millenia, worshipping as gods, observing. It makes one feel tiny and insignificant. It’s beautifully humbling.

In the interest in keeping things on the brief side, I’ll end this post here and pick up the story of the camping trip where I left off. Til then…

Always light,


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