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Friday: Lazy and Amazing

note: pay no attention to the date this was posted (sadly, that may be exactly what you’re going to do now…)

Monday – Thursday: 4 days of trying to keep up with scheduled commitments and scattered study time by downing 2 tall chai lattes with extra shots of espresso on average. My 10 foot high bed isn’t very appealing, despite how deeply in debt I am to sleep.

12-4am: Studying for my history class while text messaging my friend so he doesn’t fall asleep on duty. Between 40 pages of documents on the Civil Rights movement and a delirious conversation about showering while fully clothed, this proved to be problematic. Focus is not my strong suit.

4-8:15am: dreaming about napping after class

8:15-8:25am: In the scramble to change out of my sleepwear and into jeans and a hoodie, my cellphone, room key, and student ID decide to stay behind. As hazardous as it may be, I scribble a note to my roommates to leave the door unlocked, in hopes that they also trust the good people of our residence hall.

8:25-8:30am: Thanking the Universe as I shoot through Admissions, down a series of staircases and the College Center that Seminary is so close to Sorensen.

8:30-9:45am: Trying to make it through my WWII – Present class without having to prove that I actually completed the workshop assignment. I did this using what I studied, a false attitude that I knew what I was talking about, and a pinch of fairy dust.

9:45-10am: Trudging up the dreadful series of stairs I flew down not even 2 hours earlier. Gravity is hates me.

10am-3pm: Thanking whatever omnipotent, omniscient being that I often thank for the greater things in life to allow me to have this break in the day devoted entirely to dreaming and sloth (also to my LSFY professor that our 11:30 class didn’t meet that day and that I have friends in Sem willing to let me in through security). My beautiful, bodacious bed beckoned and I could bear it no longer!

3-4pm: Awakened by my roommate, I couldn’t go back to napping. While trying to build up the momentum to get out of bed, I played Solitaire on my iPod and compared Led Zeppelin to the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s symphonic rendition of their most popular songs. They’re both pretty much the bomb dig.

4-5:30pm: Showering, dressing, other tasks that should normally be taken care of in the morning (hehe… heh) cleaning up my corners of our rooms so they accommodate the guests my roommate would be expecting later that evening. I look over to her side and see that I don’t have to do that thorough of a job.

5:30-6:30pm-ish (this is when I start losing track of time…): Joining a couple of friends for dinner, since I missed 2 generally important meals in the day.

6:30-8:30pm-ish: Meeting/chillin’ with miscellaneous people around Sem. This mostly consists of me and my dear Audrey obnoxiously asking people if they’ll be our friends.

8:30-9pm-ish: Observing the skepticism of the girls I came to see Steve Means with melt into fangirldom, regardless of his overactive sweat glands.

9-10pm-ish: Waiting around the hallway in front of my room for my roommate and her guests to leave. It’s not that I wanted them to, I just liked the company (and weirding new people out always proves to be a good way to pass the time).

10pm-ish-2am-ish: watching Arrested Development season 1 disc 1 while eating chunky peach applesauce and pizza in the attic (not together, sadly)

Thoughts, comments, concerns?

I wish more Fridays were this chill :I

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