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Okay, so, it wasn’t today, but it has happened twice this week…

Here’s what happened (kudos to any who know the Monk reference!):

I’m just chillin’ in my bed, sleeping the morning away like I usually do, and a tour knocks, and just as I’m awakening from my slumber, they walk in. Keep in mind, my bed is lofted, so I’m sitting there up on my little perch, saying, “Um… hi?” And the tour guide (who was very apologetic and very nice by the way) said, “Oh gosh! I’m sorry! I knocked…?” And I was all, “Yeah, I know. Sorry…” Sweet Jesus, what is with me? I know that as a show room I should be prepared for any and all situations, and the room was clean, okay? I’m just a deep sleeper some days and that’s not my fault. I need my beauty rest! Just kidding. But not really…

Anyway, I thought of some possibilities to remedy this situation should it happen again:
a. Wake up earlier. (So far, this is not my favorite.)
b. Get one of those “Do Not Disturb” signs from a hotel, and put it on the doorknob until I wake up. Who needs to see the room? Tours don’t matter! What matters is my sleep! (*cough* sarcasm *cough*)
c. Don’t care if it happens. (This one is difficult, but probably the most plausible…)

Any suggestions?

Leave ‘em in the comments!

Jess <3

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